Mustang Sports

Welcome to the 2021-2022 season for Mason Athletics! If you have been at Mason previously our program for the most part has not changed. If you are new to Mason hopefully all the information listed below can answer most of your questions. If you still have any questions or concerns you can email or call our Athletic Director for any clarifications.

Required Documentation to Participate in Mustang Sports

BEFORE any student can participate in sports (both PRACTICES and GAMES) all documentation must be completed online and turned into the Athletic Director. Here is a list of requirements:

  1.  PARENT (All documents)- This allows your student to only register for sports that you have approved.

    Final Forms 
  2. STUDENT (All documents)- This includes all the student/athletic contracts regarding rules and expectations.

    Final Forms (Student) 
  3. Paid ASB (Paid to office coordinator in building $15) Good for the entire school year.
  4. Current Physical on file with Athletic Director- This is given by their doctor. There are various forms that can be completed. A physical is only valid for 13 MONTHS. Expiration dates are calculated from the date of the exam visit, not the date of the signature. A student cannot participate without this documentation. This form can be directly given to the Athletic Director or emailed as an attachment.

    Health Physical Form (PDF)

Sports Logistics:

  • All practices are after school Monday-Friday
  • Students are released from school at 2:45. They have access to the locker rooms to change from 2:45-3:00. All practices start at 3:00 and end at 5:00.
  • All practices are closed, which means that nobody else is on campus unless they are currently registered for an activity. This includes other students, parents and community members.
  • Athletes have access to an ASA bus (After School Activity). This bus will pick Mason students up at 5:00 and will depart Mason at 5:15. This bus will take students to the nearest Elementary school to their home within Mason boundary lines.
  • If students tries out for a cut sport and DO NOT make the team they can transfer to a non-cut sport.
  • HOME games-Students are not dismissed early
  • AWAY games- Students will be released early from school to catch a bus that will pick them up and transport them to their game site. After the game that bus will bring them back to Mason. If any students need an ASA bus, this will become that bus.
  • Schedules will be handed out once teams are completed. There will also be schedules uploaded onto the website as they become available.


September 13th-October 29th


  • Girls Soccer (CUT)
  • Boys Baseball (CUT)
  • Boys Basketball (CUT)
  • Co-Ed X-Country

-Soccer-On the field
-Baseball- Wilson/Silas
-Basketball- In the gym
-X-Country- By outdoor basketball courts

Monday - Friday 2:45-5:00 pm

Baseball teams travel to Wilson/Silas H.S. because Mason does not have a field. The bus will pick them up everyday at 3:00 at the school and they travel to the field with the coaches and then come back to Mason at 4:45.


November 1st- December 16th


  • Girls Volleyball (CUT)
  • Boys Soccer (CUT)

-Volleyball - In the gym
-Soccer on the field

Monday - Friday 2:45-5:00 pm



*Football January 10th
All other sports January 24th- March 25th


  • Co-Ed Football (NO 6th graders)
  • Girls Basketball (CUT)
  • Co-Ed Bowling

-Football-On the field
-Basketball- In the gym
-Bowling - Chalet Bowl

Monday - Friday 2:45-5:00 pm

Bowling is only (1) day per week: Wednesdays starting on Feb 9th.


April 11th – May 25th


  • Girls Fastpitch (CUT)
  • Co-Ed Wrestling
  • Co-Ed Track

-Fastpitch - PECK
-Wrestling - Small Gym
-Track - On the Track

Monday - Friday 2:45-5:00 pm

Fastpitch teams travel to a field because Mason does not have a field. The bus will pick them up everyday at 3:00 at the school and they travel to the field with the coaches and then come back to Mason at 4:45.

Athletic Director 

Jamie Coates

Mustang Sports Schedules


game schedules (