To promote a safe, successful, and rigorous academic community for diverse learners.


  • To implement research-based learning strategies that are continually adjusted to improve student performance and the instructional program.
  • To create an environment that has clear, articulated focus for student achievement.
  • To provide a structured and developmentally appropriate curriculum.
  • To facilitate the teaching and learning strategies of acquiring, questioning and evaluating.
  • To promote opportunities for social, emotional and physical growth of every individual.
  • To provide avenues for students, staff, and parents to explore learning and foster the desire to learn more.
  • To inspire community involvement through collaboration and responsibility.
  • To provide professional development for staff that is aligned with Mason's focus and expectations.

Common Agreements

  • Staff will strive for excellence as they work collaboratively and collegially towards goals set in the district and building initiatives.

  • Staff will respond to students who need enrichment, providing a rigorous educational opportunity for all students.

  • Staff will work collaboratively in Professional Learning Communities in an ongoing process to achieve improved results for the students they serve.

  • Staff are dedicated to becoming instructional leaders in their area of expertise, including identified student models such as Math, Science, and Springboard

  • Staff are committed to staff, students and parents by using effective communication skills, employing a positive team approach to problem-solving, and striving for a professional learning environment for all.